Chapter 6

      Growers have been breeding and adapting marijuana to indoor growing since the late 60ís. Starting with equatorial and indica strains, breeders have produced faster growing more potent varieties. Although this work has been done informally, the net effect of having thousands of breeders working has been the equivalent of a national program to improve quality.
      Since the opening of the marijuana seed companies in Holland, growers in the United States have easy access to many excellent varieties. Some of the varieties well adapted to closet cultivation are listed below.

      SKUNK #1 - Developed by Sacred Seeds and produced by both Seed Bank (SB) and S.S.S.C. It is a stabilized indica-sativa hybrid with a strong odor and very potent, pleasant high. It is fairly high yielding and can be grown with high intensity lights indoors. It has a moderate internode (length between leaves) length. Excellent for greenhouses or skylights. For indoor growers Skunk is used for hybridizing.

      NORTHERN LIGHTS - An indica hybrid bred by northwest growers and popularized by the Seed Bank. This variety does very well in grow rooms because of relatively low light requirements. It is a compact and is easily kept short. Northern Lights buds are among the most potent in the world. It has quite a distinctive "personality." It is often hybridized with distinctive plants.

      EARLY PEARL - An indica-sativa hybrid developed at a midwestern university. It has a nice, up high, pleasant taste and is strong. Very fast maturing but it has fairly long internodes.

      BIG BUD - A variety with a dense smoke, and indica high. It is very high yielding with a large bud on a compact plant. However it is very finicky, needs a lot of light and is difficult to clone. It has been phased out of the Seed Bankís catalog but is still being used by cultivators.

      All of these varieties have been stabilized a bit. They are often hybridized with each other.


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